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About the clips

All clips were recorded using a typical rooftop antenna installation in the GTA and are included here to demonstrate the quality of the picture and sound available OTA. You may not recieve all of the stations shown here or you may be able to recieve stations not shown here depending on your location.

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  • Click the Signal Icon for a station to see where it comes from and approximately how strong it is when it reaches you.

Zap2it for listings

An accurate set of listings of OTA content in your area:
A very brief Screencast on how to configure Zap2it for your local listings.

There are a variety of online sources for program listings and most stations have their own websites.


PreviewLogoSignalDescriptionGuideCall Sign

NBC High Definition (1080i / 5.1)


NBC Standard Definition (480i / 2.0)WGRZ
4-1CBS in High Definition(1080i / 5.1)WIVB
5-1CBC in High Definition (1080i / 5.1) CBLT
7-1ABC in High Definition (720p / 5.1)WKBW
9-1CTV in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)CFTO
11-1CHCHLogoCHCH in High Definition (1080i / 2.0)CHCH
17-1PBS in High Definition (720p / 5.1)WNED
17-2PBS in Standard Definition (480i/2.0) WNED
17-3Think Bright in Standard Definition (480i/2.0)WNED
19-1 TVO TVO  
23-1 The CW Logo The CW in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  
25-1 CBC Logo CBC French in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)   
26-1 TCT Logo TCT in Standard Definition (480i / 2.0)  
26-2  TCN Logo TCT-HD in High Definition (1080i / 2.0)  
26-3  TCN Logo TCT "Family" in Standard Definition  (480i / 2.0)  
26-4  TCN Logo TCT "La Fuente" in Standard Definition  (480i / 2.0)  
29-1  Fox Logo Fox in High Definition (720p / 5.1)  
29-2 TCN Logo TCN in Standard Definition (480i / 2.0)  
36-1 CTSLogo Crossroads in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  
41-1 Global Global in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  
44-1 Omni 2 OMNI-2 in High Definition (1080i / 2.0)  


 My TV in High Definition (720p / 5.1)  


 My Network TV in Standard Definition (480i / 2.0)  
51-1 ION ION Television in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  
51-2 qubo Qubo in Standard Definition (480i / 2.0)  

Ion Life

 ION Life in Standard Definition (480i / 2.0  
57-1 City TV City TV in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  
64-1 Omni 1 OMNI-1 in High Definition (1080i / 2.0)   
66-1 Sun TV Sun TV in High Definition (1080i / 5.1)  

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