Internet Service

If you've been "disappointed" by the service you've received from your Internet Service Provider, whether due to poor customer service or price gouging, there are alternatives. Airtight is a proud to act as your personal agent for Teksavvy's ISP services. Wether you prefer DSL or Cable for home or small business, Airtight will find you a plan that is:

  • Matched to your needs for Bandwidth
  • Meets or exceeds your expectations for speed and reliability
  • Is easier on the pocket book than any other similiar service offered
  • Provides "plain English" invoicing that is easy to understand

Teksavvy uses the same network as the "big providers" to give rock solid service great performance and good value for money.

Call or email Airtight today to ask about getting started with Teksavvy. 1-888-612-6680